Spring League Schedules

***All Main Round Standings and Schedules are posted to this Google Sheets Document.

EYBA Uses a 20 point spread on the standings. All Divisions are on the Excel Spread sheet just scroll across the bottom to find the divisions



2017 Spring League Schedules - Schedules are Now Posted. 

Click on the Division or Age Group to see your schedules.

If you're in a division then the first set of games is a seeding Round.

*Schedules are subject to change, please revisit this page before your games

All divisions have playoff games on May 27, 2017.

Under 11 Boys - SBA Wasps, Beaumont Bandits, Nisbet 1, Nisbet 2, Southwest Walters

Under 11 Girls - Updated 03/28/2017 - Bombers, SBA Gators, SBA Nightmares, Leduc Lightning

Under 13 Boys - Main Round

A Division - Blackgold Grads, Amerey Ankle Breakers, WEBA Posteraro, Aviator Aces, Parkland Pride Green

B Division - Hoop Breakers, Grads YEG, SBA Storm, Battle River Vikings, Flyers

C Division - Beaumont Ballers, Rockets W, Beaumont Bentley, Southwest, Ardrossan Crush

D Division - Edmonton Stormhawks, NEBA Fowler, Parkland Pride White, Rockets C, E-Sonic Sport

Seeding Round:

Bears Division - Blackgold Grads, Parkland Pride Green, Neba Fowler, Beaumont Bentley, Flyers

Eagles Division - Amerey Ankle Breakers, Battle River Vikings, Hoop Breakers, Parkland Pride White, Southwest

Griffins Division - Ardrossan Crush, Grads YEG, Rockets C, WEBA Posteraro, Beaumont Ballers

Thunder Division - Aviator Aces, SBA Storm, Rockets W, Edmonton Stormhawks, E-Sonic Sport

Under 13 Girls - Main Round

A Division - Swarm Black Thunder, St, Albert Stars, Leduc Lightning, Raiders, Battle River Vikings White, Battle River Vikings Red

B Division - Parkland Pride White, Parkland Pride Green, SBA Pythons, Grads Frizzell, Timberwolves

C Division - Grads Linville, SBA Panthers, Ardrossan Crush, Victoria Royals, Rockets

Seeding Round:

Falcons Division - Raiders, Parkland Pride White, Swarm Black Thunder, SBA Panthers, Rockets, Timberwolves

Giants Division - St Albert Stars, Parkland Pride Green, Battle River Vikings (White), Grads Linville, Ardrossan Crush

Panthers Division - SBA Pythons, Leduc Lightning, Battle River Vikings (Red), Victoria Royals, Grads Frizzell

Under 15 Boys - Main Round

A Division - Aviator Aces, Ardrossan Crush, Battle River Vikings White, Parkland Pride Black, Battle River Vikings Red, Foundation Bruins

B Division - Rockets, SBA Schakel, SBA Thompson, Swoosh Canada Basketball, Spartans, FMT Trytons

C Division - Goth-Swarm, SBA Smith, Parkland Pride Green, SBA Ravens, Parkland Pride White

Seeding Round:

Bulls Division - Parkland Pride Black, Aviator Aces, SBA Ravens, Rockets, Goth-Swarm, Swoosh Canada Basketball

Cavaliers Division - Adrossan Crush, Parkland Pride White, SBA Schakel, SBA Smith, Battle River Vikings (Red), Spartans

Thunder Division - Parkland Pride Green, FMT Trytons, SBA Thompson, Battle River Vikings (White), Foundation Bruins

Under 15 Girls - Main Round

A Division - Raiders, Morinville Sabretooths, SBA Vikings, Parkland Pride Green, Grad Stomp Bells, SBA Tsunami

B Division - St Albert Stars, Grads Stomp Red, Leduc Lightning, SBA Elite, Edmonton Stormhawks

C Division - Beaumont Sonic Boom, Blades, Boomers, Lions, Rockets

D Division - Vegreville Heat, Beaumont Rush, Thunder, SBA Webb, Battle River Vikings

Seedings Round:

Bulldogs Division - Blades, SBA Tsunami, Raiders, Battle River Vikings, Vegreville Heat, Leduc Lightning

Cougars Division - SBA Elite, St Albert Stars, Morinville Sabretooths, Boomers, Beaumont Rush

Dragons Division - Grads Stomp (Red), SBA Vikings, Beaumont Sonic Boom, Thunder, Lions

Eskimos Division - Edmonton Stormhawks, Parkland Pride Green, SBA Webb, Rockets, Grad Stomp Bells 

Under 17 Boys - Main Round

A Division - NexGen U17 Blue, NexGen U16 Blue, SBA Ballerz, Battle River Vikings, Beaumont Nsengitumva, SBA Semi-Pros

B Division - Vegreville Thunder, Parkland Pride Green, Parkland Pride White, St Mary Lions, Ft Sask Cardinals

Seeding Round:

Spurs Division - NexGen U17 Blue, St. Mary Lions, SBA Ballerz, BYBA Nsengitumva, Parkland Pride Green

Warriors Division - Battle River Vikings, NexGen U16 Blue, SBA Semi-Pros, Ft. Sask Cardinals, Vegreville Thunder, Parkland Pride White

*Next Round Begins Wednesday May 3rd, So please make sure games scores are in immiediately after games *

Under 17 Girls - Main Round

A Division - East Central Panthers, Battle River Vikings White, Battle River Vikings Red, Mustangs, Longhorns, Ardrossan Crush

B Division - Rockets A, Thunder, Vegreville Heat, Rockets B, Ross, Bulldogs, Battle River Vikings Black

Seeding Round:

Jayhawks Division - East Central Panthers, Vegreville Heat, Rockets A, Ross, Longhorns, Battle River Vikings Red

Spartans Division - Bulldogs, Battle River Vikings White, Mustangs, Ardrossan Crush, Battle River Vikings Black, Rockets B, Thunder

*Next Round Begins Tuesday May 2nd, So please make sure games scores are in immiediately after games *

2017 Practice Times. Please print off a copy of this contract and bring it with you to all of your practices.

Email all of your scores to info@edmontonyouthbasketball.com immediately after your games.
No Phone Calls will be accepted. 
Thank you. 


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